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Run Away with Wild Horses. Sold Out!

April 20th - 21st

Hey wild horse heroes!

After the conference, let's keep the adventure going! Some of us want head to Tonopah to search for wild horses and check out the nearby burros. So if you would like to join us let us know. We will be limiting the number to about 20 people. 

We've got experienced folks who know the history and area like the back of their hands. 

Tonopah is home to the famous Stone Cabin HMA, where wild horse advocacy was born. Wild Horse Anne loved these horses. So will be fun to learn about all of it. It's a must-see for anyone passionate about these majestic creatures.

We'll be staying overnight in the charming western town, so get ready to soak up the history and enjoy the scenery.

To make things easier on everyone, we can organize carpooling and room sharing. Reach out to Linda Greaves at to coordinate rides and accommodations with your fellow adventurers. Or suggestions in the area. 

Let's come together, learn, and have a blast exploring the wild side of Nevada! 🐴🌵 


 Laura Leigh’s Comment on this area.  

 "The area really is steeped in history. History of the wild west and advocacy itself. Velma loved the Stone Cabin grays"

Trip Details:
"Please note: Individual travelers are responsible for covering their own expenses and ensuring their safety throughout the trip. However, for those interested in carpooling, we offer a shared contribution system for rental and gas costs, estimating around $100 per person."
If you are interested in Driving others please let me know

To join us email:

Friday Night April 19th

Friday after the Conference, we will be working with those driving to pickup the cars for the trip. We also can help partner up with those driving with those needing a ride. Please email me at to get connected.

Most of us are staying over night in Sparks NV, Which is just a few miles outside downtown. It is much cheaper then staying in Reno. We have several  rooms booked if you wold like a room or to share one let me know. 

Sunday April 21st

We will meet at prearranged place and time before the sun rises. 

'lets go watch the sunrise on the range'

 We will then explore this HMA and look for amazing burros,

"They are all black" and of course we will be on the  lookout for the more wild horses. There is a watering hole that is easy to get to. So hope to see them coming in to get water. 

We will head back to Reno about noon and planning on getting back by 5pm.

Saturday April 20th

We will be meeting up in the lobby of  Studio 6 Hotel at 7:30 am to caravan down to Tonopah and explore the Stone Cabin HMA. There are also adjoining HMAs we can explore. We will be staying the night in Tonohah. Click here for LINKS to local hotels. We also have a few rooms blocked for sharing.  we know many are willing and looking to share rooms.  I can help make those connections.  Just let me know.

I also have dinner reservations at a historic restaurant for those who want to meet up for dinner. 

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